Documentary Lighthouse Stories – 17 sept!

The music documentary “Lighthouse Stories – Havets sånger” will be broadcasted 17th Sept at 20.00 at SVT2!

Music live performances:

13 Aug STOCKHOLM “Lasse i Parken” 19.00, with Lisa Långbacka. Also performing is Lars Demian and David Tallroth.

19 Aug STOCKHOLM “icebreaker St:Erik” outside the Wasa museum. 19.00. With Hal Parfitt-Murray, Petter Berndalen, Filip Jers! Free Entrance!

27 Aug STORULVÅN with Svante Sjöblom 20.00

2 Sept GREEBESTAD FOLKMUSIK FESTIVAL With Lisa, Henrik and me!

16 Sept KAFE SJÖSTUGAN With Lisa Långbacka and Lisa Rydberg = LISAS, the best duo in the world. 100:- entre.

Helicopter landing at Marstein Fyr
Helicopter landing at Marstein Fyr
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