CD Karin Boye-tonsättningar Playground Music Release den 23 april!


Order the mini album here! “Några Karin”! Listen to Osårbar !

An intervju 24/4 with Sofie at the Blogg Kafé K

Helsingborgs Dagblad says!


Sofie talks about the work 

- As a 9 year old I found Karin Boye in my mother’s bookshelf and did set music to a couple of her poems. After a resting period of thirty years, while working with other poets such as Dan Anderson, Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath, this summer lots of  great reminders of Karin bumped into my face. By mistake I had my hair cut short due to language confusion in Florens. Suddenly my appearance was very like Karin Boye who had her hair this way in the twenties. Later on, in Sweden, people started to talk about her all the time…and at last the message was delivered so I decided to open her poetry book again and when I did many of the songs on the record came in an half an hour. Thank you, Karin!

The songs are recorded in Gothenburg where Karin Boye was born 1900. The Release Tour will be in her places: Gothenbourg, Huddinge (suburb to Stockholm) and in Alingsås where she died 1941 leaning towards a tree.

Karin Boye Release Tour May:

May 7th 18.00 Alingsås, Konstmuseet

May 8th 18.00 Huddinge, Fullersta Gård, Stockholm, Free entrance (Karin Boye Society)

May 10th 19.00 Gothenbourg Folkteatern, Free entrance!

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Intensive work!

Hammarby Studios foto: G.P
Hammarby Studios foto: G.P

Intensive work with Jeanette Winterson and Karin Boye’s lyrics and songs which we recorded before Christmas! Now it is mixing-time. I celebrate the beginning of the New Year, together with the most lovely people! I can’t have more fun!

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Under kommande Decemberdagar skall mina Karin-sånger spelas in….I Göteborg, på Studio Epidemin tillsammans med Petter Eriksson, Henrik Cederblom och Olle Linder….kan det bli mer spännande…kommer mina knoppar att brista….vågar jag gå ner i detta…..är jag dig värdig, Karin? Det återstår att se…det läskigaste jag gjort…

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Göran Petersson
foto G.Petersson

The three day recording of Jeanette Winterson’s words from “Lighthousekeeping” had a good landing….a good birth! We had with us a touch of miraculous joy and genius presence, I feel so grateful, proud and happy!

Hal Parfitt Murray
Hal Parfitt Murray


G. Petersson
Nikolaj Busk
Johan Lindström, Nikolaj Busk, Hal Parfitt-Murray, Sofie Livebrant
Johan Lindström, Nikolaj Busk, Hal Parfitt-Murray, Sofie Livebrant

Next week, the recording of some of Karin Boye’s fantastic poems starts in Gothenbourg. Karin is the first poetess Sofie made songs to as a nine year old girl, so this recording will be a trip back in time, a returning to something old and to something new….Love and scarce…

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