Single Release 27 August

Sofie sings Emily Brontë poems on her forth coming album in December- Weep The Time Away – first single release will be in August – Shall Earth No More Inspire Thee!

Caption: Peter Wirén
no122 “Shall Earth no more inspire thee” av Emily Jane Brontë (1837)

Shall Earth no more inspire thee,
Thou lonely dreamer now?
Since passion may not fire thee
Shall Nature cease to bow?

Thy mind is ever moving
In regions dark to thee;
Recall its useless roving - 
Come back and dwell with me - 

I know my mountain breezes
Enchant and sotthe thee still - 
I know my sunshine pleases
Despite thy wayward will - 

When day with evening blending
Sinks from the summer sky,
I’ve seen thy spirit bending
In fond idolatry - 

I’ve watched thee every hour - 
Iknow my mighty sway - 
I know my magic power
To drive thy griefs away - 

Few hearts to mortals given
On earth so wildly pine
Yet none would ask a Heaven
More like this Earth than thine - 

Then let my winds caress thee-
Thy comrade let me be - 
Since nought beside can bless thee
Return and dwell with me - 

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Jag har under under Corona-pandemin spelat in tonsättningar av en av de mest egensinniga, engelska 1800-tals författarna: Emily Jane Brontë. Release under 2021. Producent Johan Lindström med gästande musiker; Hal Parfitt-Murray, Dan Berglund, Konrad Agnas, sångare ur Ensemble Basiani m fl Tack Kulturrådet!

“The night is darkening round me, The wild winds coldly blow; But a tyrant spell has bound me, And I cannot, cannot go. The giant trees are bending, Their bare boughs weighed with snow, And the storm is fast descending, and yet I cannot go. Clouds beyond clouds above me, Wastes beyond wastes below; But nothing drear can move me- I will not, cannot go” Emily Brontë Nov 1837

Caption by Kenth Wångklev, from Emily Brontë-concert in Katharina Church October 2020!

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New Single & Documentary OUT NOW!

Sofie Livebrant & Tenore su remediu de Orosei
Sofie went to Sardinia last year to meet and chant with this lovely quartet, who sings in the old Sardi folksong tradition – See the process on youtube and listen on Spotify!
Vänd dig om! (Turn Around) is a song about not giving up:
“Turn around, baby!
Don’t loose your ground, cause maybe
everything will be new soon!”

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It was the most inspiring experience to travel to Georgia together with the filmmakers Peter Wiren & John Ronnerblad. We met “The State Ensemble of Georgian Folk Singing – Basiani”, as I suspect is one of the best choirs in the world. We sang and did a lovely collaboration-concert in Tbilisi. Also our trip went to the beautiful Kakheti region in eastern Georgia and we visited the singing “Quedeli Community” for disabled grown-ups. All meetings were filled with love, music and Georgian folksong and the most delicious food course, Khinkali! The project was made possible by Konstnärsnämnden – The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

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