Happy New Year with Emily Dickinsons’ favorite poetess sung by Sofie!

emily bronte

Shall earth no more inspire thee


Shall earth no more inspire thee,
Thou lonely dreamer now?
Since passion may not fire thee
Shall Nature cease to bow?
Thy mind is ever moving
In regions dark to thee;
Recall its useless roving—
Come back and dwell with me.
I know my mountain breezes
Enchant and soothe thee still—
I know my sunshine pleases
Despite thy wayward will.
When day with evening blending
Sinks from the summer sky,
I’ve seen thy spirit bending
In fond idolatry.
I’ve watched thee every hour;
I know my mighty sway,
I know my magic power
To drive thy griefs away.
Few hearts to mortals given
On earth so wildly pine;
Yet none would ask a heaven
More like this earth than thine.
Then let my winds caress thee;
Thy comrade let me be—
Since nought beside can bless thee,
Return and dwell with me.
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No promises this year!

treasure island

While listening to “Treasure Island” of Robert Louis Stevenson, I get reminded to not do promises this Next Coming Year! So easy to fool myselves as others. We are all looking for the “treasures” of life and our eyes easily gets shaded at the glimpse of Gold, fortune or fame! As the pirates leaving every scruple for it. Instead of promises I will try to keep an eye on this matter…

This year for me has been an utterly “not possible to survive economically really”- year, but also therefore a year filled with several miracles! I don’t know why the money-rain has been pouring on my head instead of the poor people in town, as I see them every day, freezing their bodies off and sitting still in a most terrible loss of energy!…but it has and I have got all what I needed plus some extra miracles as as two beautiful trips in Europe, a fireplace at home to rest by, two record-releases, a fantastic trip to Scotland, Sweden and Norway to play on lighthouses. A beautiful family. Life can be so unfare! But I am fortunate! And better to be thankful than shameful. Better lead.

Something happened at Cape Wrath Ligthhouse – was it the Ozon-layer, almost a mysterious happening, some power was put in from the beautiful meadows. Before I was so close to end my music-buisness while the social environment has been so ruff these days. No one wants to give money for music! While coming home things started to change in my mind a lot of support showed up and now the Swedish Government has decided to give a great helping hand in next years big event – Ligthhouse Stories 2015 which is a miracle beyond my understanding. But real, so, now, I need to REST to manage to be a good Captain for next year, on this music/storytelling- ship that hopefully will enrich more people than myself….In Spring the full length album Lighthouse Stories, will see the daylight and I will tour with three of my favorite-poetesses BOYE, DICKINSON and WINTERSON during the coming season! All the thank you-s I write in another post. It will be too long! “Fifteen men on the dead mans chest, ho ho ho, and a bottle of rum!”. Happy New year and be nice with yourselves! S


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11 DEC Klingborn&Co Midsommarkransen

Välkomna på Sofie Livebrant – SOLO – gig tour…på Klingborn&Co – Stockholms bästa smörrebrödsrestaurang med specialkomponerade bröd & närproducerad öl – ledd av Sommelier Johanna Klingborn! Vattenledningsvägen 63.

From Here To Here capt: Johan Bergmark
From Here To Here capt: Johan Bergmark
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Autumn songs!


Autumn’s here, the light is disappearing rapidly and next years seed is waiting under the earth…glowing, ripening, resting. Because soon, in a couple of months, it will outburst again and show their green beautiful faces…It is a time of holding ones energy….in the meantime I will do some music…

November gigs:

VÄXJÖ 6 nov with Svante Sjöblom

MALMÖ 7 nov with Svante Sjöblom

STOCKHOLM 11 nov Lidingö BokRelease/Ellen Jacobsson

STOCKHOLM 14 nov Autumn Songs at Folkets Hus Hornstull 

STOCKHOLM 23 nov Karin Boye Songs at Katarina Kyrka



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NK Bokhandel Söndag den 19 okt 14.00!


Afternoon tea på NK Bokhandel med tema spännande kvinnor. Lyssna till Lisbeth Larsson som berättar om Promenader i Virginia Woolfs London, Merete Mazzarella om Själens nattsida: om Mary Shelley och hennes Frankenstein och Ulf Olsson om Berättelsen om Gertrud “Calle” Wallenberg: Mannerheims sista kärlek. Sofie Livebrant har gjort fantastiska tonsättningar av dikter av bl.a. Emily Dickinson och Karin Boye. På söndag sjunger och berättar hon mer. Ingen entre!

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ALLHELGONAKYRKAN October 12, 18.00! A mass in the lovely wooden church at “Söder”! I’m going to play newborn songs about death and about being on the “highlands” in Scotland.

NK – Bokhandel October 19, 14.00! Theme: writing about inspiring women! I’m going to play Karin Boye and Emily Dickinson.



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