Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Next tour starts in


10th Split, private party, Croatia (Solo)

12th Split Bar, Croatia (Solo)


15th Halmstad, Sweden ( S.Livebrant, L.Långbacka, D.Berglund, J.Lindström)

16th Hylte, Sweden

17th Kulturhuset Fyren 13:00 Kungsbacka, Sweden.

18th  Skottvång grufva, afternoon concert, Sweden


11th/12th London TBA, Oxford, UK (Solo)

18th Högsbo Kyrka, Författarkväll, Karin Boye, Göteborg (S.Livebrant, H.Cederblom)

19th  Dalheimers Hus, Göteborg (S.Livebrant, P.Eriksson)


20th Umeå JazzStudio (S.Livebrant, L.Långbacka, J.Lindström, D.Berglund)

21th Lycksele

22th Sorsele

23th Storuman

24th Vilhelmina

25th Dorotea

26th Åsele


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