Lighthouse dreams!


Planning for the the Real Lighthouse Stories Concert Tour 2015! What gives me so much energy right now is that I am not alone in this crazy project anymore, playing music at lighthouses! People have started to walk along and they seems to enjoy the path. Exept for private support, friends, the lovely “making of the record”- music group, filmmaker Peter Wirén etc. I now have friends in Svenska Fyrföreningen, The Association of Lighthousekeepers in UK, Norweigan Kystreise och Denmarks Fyrhistorisk Museum and they will act as guiding mentors which will add an “assurance of quality” to it and a “no-stop-abundance of knowledge”! An extra thanks to Esbjorn Hillberg! And of course I would like to send a loving thought to Jeanette Winterson, who started all this in me with her words! I do hope she enjoys the ride she has put all of us in! Do you want to join? Come on in!



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