5 Cape Wrath Lighthouse/Scotland

6 Isle of Skye/Scotland

9 Stockholm Folkfestival/Sweden

10 Stockholm Folkfestival/Karin Boye/Sweden

15 Panorama Hotel/Marstein Lighthouse/Norway

16 Masfjord Boathouse/Norway

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July 24th Preparing and drilling

During the hottest day of summer, I prepare Lighthouse Stories to be put into the sea. The EP record will arrive any day to Stockholm. The music tour starts August 2nd and the first concert will be in Scotland at Cape Wrath Lighthouse 5th. Lots of work to do until then.

Jeanette Winterson says about her book:

‘Lighthousekeeping is as sea story, a love story, a loss story, a lost story, a life story, a bedtime story and my story.’

She always seems to know what to say, she always have an amazing quick answer, which is turning what we know upside down and you feel inspired and thrilled. She loves to retell known stories and turn them around to view some new angle.

For me the work is more like a wandering around with a bunch of questions: What is Lighthouse Stories, why I’m doing this, what do I want to tell and why would this be important for others to hear? I get no clear answer, only a need is urging, a longing to continue on this path. The stories have enfolded me and I just have to continue to drill….


I’ve read Lighthousekeeping over and over again, I have recited parts of the book during concerts over the years and I love the fantasy and all the stories. Especially I have empathy for the brave little ten year old child Silver, who have to survive, even though there are not much of support for her. My daughter is about the same age. But Silver is not totally alone, which gives me hope. She is going through hard and overwhelming times, but there some supporters: the tense Ms Pinch (orphan too?) and the blind lighthouse keeper Mr Pew (orphan too?) and his stories, which helps her to put her life in a wider perspective when she feels alone, abandoned or feel shame for her background, a child born outside marriage. Pew encourages her to tell her life as a story, which would help when it gets too tough.

I believe that storytelling is a way of navigating our lives. Fact are partial. Fiction is a more complete truth.  If we read ourselves as narrative, we can change the story that we are. If we read ourselves as literal and fixed, we find we can change nothing.’ (JW)

It’s a quiet support system that JW is painting up. An encouraging shout: Come on! Go on! Live! Be a loving human whatever happened to you! Whoever you think you are!

Don’t regret your life, child. It will pass soon enough.’ as Pew  says to Silver.

I love that time and space is merged in the book. Everything is happening at the same time, and not. The boundaries of fact loosens its power while reading. In that kind of world I can rest and enjoy. And probably I find and see, through this net of stories, myself.


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