Single Release “Le Secret”!



“Je veux voler, être happée, m’envoler, ou-bli-é le passé. Même si c’est arrivé et même si… Je vais porter l’univers”  

(lyrics: S.Livebrant/Roberto Garcia Saez)


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Lighthouse Stories – sånger vid havet, på SVT-PLAY TILL 18 okt!

Dokumentären Lighthouse Stories sändes den 17 sept 20.05 och finns på SVTPlay till 18 oktober! Sofie Livebrant har med musiker rest runt Nordsjön för att spela på fyrar och göra intervjuer med fyrvaktare och människorna runt fyrarna. Projektet är inspirerat och byggt på romanen Lighthousekeeping av Jeanette Winterson (2004) och handlar om en föräldralösflicka, Silver, som växer upp i fyren Cape Wrath i Nordvästra Skottland. Filmaren Peter Wirén har gjort en musikvideo på Breathe in Breathe out, som spelades in inne i verkstan på fyren Cape Wrath. Musiken finns på Itunes och på Spotify!

More music videos, these are filmed at Lindesnes Fyr in Norway 2015.Part Broken Part Whole You Begin Again and These Were My Stories!


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Documentary Lighthouse Stories – 17 sept!

The music documentary “Lighthouse Stories – Havets sånger” will be broadcasted 17th Sept at 20.00 at SVT2!

Music live performances:

13 Aug STOCKHOLM “Lasse i Parken” 19.00, with Lisa Långbacka. Also performing is Lars Demian and David Tallroth.

19 Aug STOCKHOLM “icebreaker St:Erik” outside the Wasa museum. 19.00. With Hal Parfitt-Murray, Petter Berndalen, Filip Jers! Free Entrance!

27 Aug STORULVÅN with Svante Sjöblom 20.00

2 Sept GREEBESTAD FOLKMUSIK FESTIVAL With Lisa, Henrik and me!

16 Sept KAFE SJÖSTUGAN With Lisa Långbacka and Lisa Rydberg = LISAS, the best duo in the world. 100:- entre.

Helicopter landing at Marstein Fyr
Helicopter landing at Marstein Fyr
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Summer soon…


4 June Aqua Blå Festival, Vänersborg Hal Parfitt-Murray, Henrik Cederblom & me.

14 June Music Boat Blidösund, Stockholm Me, Henrik Cederblom, Filip Jers and many music guest performances ….

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Cape Wrath Film!

cape-wrath-lighthouse-1A movie has been made out of Lee Craigie’s trip to Cape Wrath 2015! Together with music from the album “Lighthouse Stories” and fragments from Jeanette Winterson’s novel Lighthousekeeping. I feel stunned! Click here for a teaser!

The film is broadcasted at Edinburgh Film Festival 6-7 feb 2016 where she also tells about the trip.

Excerpts from her blog:

“Perhaps I should have given up and accepted that it [Cape Wrath] just wasn’t meant to be but then this happened. I was at a road race in an out of the way north eastern coastal town shortly after yet another failed attempt to visit the Cape when a guy came up to me and told me there was a gig about to start in a nearby lighthouse. I ambled along after the race and became engulfed in a friendly fold of woollen jumpers and wellington boots while the wind and rain did their thing outside. On a small, makeshift stage there sat singing a Swedish angel. Sofie Livebrant had written her entire album “Lighthouse Stories” using prose taken from a book set at Cape Wrath. In the days that followed, I listened to Sofie’s music and read the book that inspired her album (“Lighthouse Keeping” by Jeannette Winterson). Both touched me deeply and a theme emerged that sent me reeling. It was that of attempting to balance two powerful aspects of my personality, the need for freedom and the need for belonging. I was heading back to Cape Wrath”

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Lighthouse Stories is nominated to Manifest Prize!

We’re proudly announcing that the “Lighthouse Stories” album is nominated to the Manifest Prize, category VISA (Folk Tune). Together with lots of other lovely artists and the Manifest Gala will be FEB 5 2016 at NALEN in Stockholm! Thanks to all involved! Also we’re looking forward to see the Music – documentary broadcasted during 2016 on Swedish Television!brus032_cover_2400x2400

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IMG_7718Happy New Year to You!

This year is a dreaming year. I want to travel the Baltic Sea, play Jeanette’s, Emily’s and Karin’s songs at Libraries and Lighthouses, make a new album Secrets with my own lyrics, meditate and dance! I would like to connect and contribute with my music to people’s stories and environmental visions. Let see if that is what’s going to be…

IF SAILOR tales to sailor tunes, 
   Storm and adventure, heat and cold, 
If schooners, islands, and maroons,
   And Buccaneers and buried Gold, 
And all the old romance, retold 
   Exactly in the ancient way, 
Can please, as me they pleased of old,
   The wiser youngsters of to-day:

- So be it, and fall on! If not,
   If studious youth no longer crave,
His ancient appetites forgot,
   Kingston, or Ballantyne the brave, 
Or Cooper of the wood and wave:
   So be it, also! And may I 
All my pirates share the grave
   Where these and their creations lie!

(Robert Louis Stevenson "Treasure Island")


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